Match Time: God is soooo in the details!

We are beyond excited to be launching this site on Thanksgiving Day as we are so humbled and incredibly thankful that God has gifted us with this precious child!!!  After waiting nearly 11 months from the time our dossier was logged into China, we were referred the most precious little girl!!! From the moment I saw her, my heart was filled with joy. I had wondered – would God give me that instant love for this child or would it be a love that would be slower to get started? (don’t get me wrong; I know that I don’t know what is ahead of us and if she may decide to only attach & bond to her daddy when we arrive in China) But my goodness, how I think she is the most huggable and squeezable little cutie on that side of the ocean!

And His timing of it all…

About four weeks earlier, I had reached out to my dad & step-mom to see if they might be willing to have the kids overnight as it had been a long time since they had stayed overnight there. They kindly offered up November 1st and it was set. Chuck then suggested using a gift certificate that we had saved from a year ago for a restaurant downtown. He made the reservations but as we came closer and closer to that night I felt like we should cancel our reservations. We’ve gone to that restaurant usually to celebrate something…but this time, we had nothing to celebrate (or so we thought). I mentioned this to Chuck at one point, but we got distracted and ended up leaving it.

As God would have it, on Monday, October 27th we received the best call ever. Our adoption agency called us with the referral of this adorable one!

Lucy 1 Lucy 2

We were over the moon excited when we received the call and then when we received her pictures emailed to us a few minutes later…agh!!!  We honestly fell in love with her immediately.  Later at night we poured over the reports on her and loved reading how she is appears to be an extrovert, is talking already, loves to dance and holds up one finger when people ask her age (she is 22 mos now; will turn 2 on February 28th).  So, the next day we sent her files over to the University of Chicago International Adoption Clinic and by Friday morning we were on the phone with their lead doctor. While of course there is always the possibility of undiagnosed issues, the doctor’s review was very positive  (she was born with cleft lip & palate; her lip was repaired about a year ago so we will mainly be focusing on closing her palate & all that comes with that).  With that, we felt God was telling us to move forward and accept His precious child!!!

So, the very next evening, our children were having a great time with their grandparents and Chuck and I were out at one of our favorite restaurants, enjoying the gift card we had saved for a special occasion….talking about our new daughter (& trying to name her – more on that later) & our now family of five the entire time. Oh, how God provided that reason to celebrate!

That entire weekend, I had one main feeling: peace. (well, with a LOT of joy too) Such wonderful peace. I felt like I was living in this verse:

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:7

How I praise Him for His peace and such a precious gift to our family!!  We are so VERY thankful on this Thanksgiving Day.

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