One Month and One Day

What a difference one month and one day make. 30 days ago, this sweet girl was an orphan who was driven seven hours to a big Chinese governmental building and brought into a room that was totally overwhelming with people whose skin color she had rarely seen and with lots of other toddlers just like her who were crying over the trauma that was theirs that day.  This was our first glance of her in person:

gotcha first glance

But she is an orphan no more. She is now a beloved daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter and great-granddaughter. Our precious gift from God!

family photo

She was a Chinese citizen here…

Hong Kong airport

An international traveler here…

Int'l traveler

And an American citizen here with her forever family!

US Citizen

She no longer is crying when we hold her like on that first “Gotcha” day. Rather she calms down immediately when we hold her. She went from lots of crying at naptimes and bedtimes in China to being mischievous and testing us even back then…and then again the same transition once back home in the States. Thankfully, we are THRILLED to report that she has slept through the night for the past two nights and now goes down like an angel. For this, we are sooooooooooooooooo thankful! This is such an answer to prayer!


She has bonded so well to Chuck now; long gone are the days where she would cry and cry if he held her in China. Lucy gives both Chuck and I unsolicited hugs and kisses already – such a treasure!!  And she has already started to bond well with her brother and sister. She actually asks for Henry pick her up and hug her like this:

(and yes, this sooo melts my heart)

(and yes, this sooo melts my heart)

Lucy has also asked (multiple times) to hold both Henry and Audrey’s hands and run around the little circle “track” we have in our house – all with big smiles and giggles like this:

holding hands

Lucy is having a bunch of fun being sisters and playmates with Audrey. Here they were at the mall play area about to slide down the little slide:

at mall 1

Lucy also turned two years old in the past month that we’ve had her. We were so thrilled to be able to bring her home in time to give her a proper birthday party.  She actually seemed to prefer the ice cream over the cake, but LOVED the dolly and stroller that were among her gifts.

eating ice cream

With dolly

Lastly, we have put her to work, like the rest of the family, on shoveling detail.

snow bunny

Just kidding!  But of course we do think she is the cutest snow bunny around.

But in all seriousness, we thank each and every one of you for praying for our family and lifting up this child of God. Our house is a little bit crazy now (OK, maybe a lot), but so much more full of wonderful giggles. Obviously, this journey is far from over though and Lucy has much more bonding to do with us, her parents, to her siblings (jealousy can easily crop up) and eventually to extended family (we are doing some cocooning as is recommended by the adoption community – I’ll explain that a bit more in another post). Thank you too if you have been one of the generous families who have provided a meal to us; they have been SUCH a blessing over the past two weeks since we have been home – especially during the jet lag phase and Lucy’s earlier struggle with going to sleep.  And another big thank you to all who gave financially to help us bring her home.  We are ever so grateful!

Perhaps her future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear shades!  😉  At any rate, we hope and pray and it is far brighter than what it was when she lived in Xinyang, China and that God would bless her and protect our daughter mightily as only He can.

thumbs up

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