A Long Overdue Update

Well, it has been since April since I posted to this blog.  Please forgive me.  I went back to work that month.  Enough said.  😉

In general, Lucy has adjusted wonderfully and we are so thankful to God for that!  She enjoyed a great summer and took to our park district’s swimming pool like a fish outta water.  She also took to our new nanny very well – another answered prayer!  She’s progressed with her speech since her palate was closed in April, has weekly speech therapy sessions and probably has at least 50 words now, has started to put two words together and can recognize 13 letters all by herself now.  Yay, Lucy!  Thank you, Lord!

Lucy loving family pool time!

Lucy loving family pool time!

Today was a big day though.  Lucy and I drove down to the University of Chicago’s International Adoption Clinic. We met with the same doctor who reviewed her file back nearly a year ago now when our agency first matched us with her.  We decided to go to this clinic for several reasons – but the main reason being her height.  Or, more accurately, lack thereof. It can be typical that children who are adopted internationally may not have a growth spurt until they are home six months.  But Lucy has now been home seven months and has only grown a half inch.  Between that and the fact that she has always been extremely petite (even when comparing her to the Chinese growth charts), we are concerned that there is a specific reason for her lack of growth.  So, Lucy was a big trooper today with the phlebotomist at U of C who needed to fill nine vials of blood for all the various tests the doctor wanted run.  We would appreciate your prayers that answers would come over the next week that would point us to next steps so we can get our precious little one growing up, up, up!

We will also be scheduling her with a orthopedist to make sure she doesn’t have anything going on with her hips. When we first got Lucy, her feet turned in quite a bit and we thought she might need bracing on her legs.  But, as our pediatrician expected, her feet have straightened out some already.  However, when Lucy runs, she rotates her hips pretty significantly.  It may simply be because she just didn’t get a chance to run much at her orphanage and her body is still figuring that motion out…or it could be that there is something going on with her hips.  So, again, we would appreciate your prayers on this as well.  Thank you so much!

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